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Founded in 2007, Newzoo is the leading provider of market intelligence covering the global games, esports, and mobile markets. Newzoo provides its clients an extensive range of solutions, including consumer insights, device and app data, market sizing and forecasting, custom research, and bespoke advisory services. It is proud to work with many of the biggest global entertainment, technology, and media companies, along with many top consumer brands. Newzoo is headquartered in Amsterdam with offices in San Francisco and Shanghai and partner offices in six other cities around the world. 


Adscend Media specializes in rewarding ad solutions for apps and games. Adscend’s app monetization solutions help developers boost retention, increase engagement, and generate more revenue by giving users more ways to earn in-app rewards. Adscend’s Offer Wall helps developers generate eCPMs up to $90 through exclusive offer formats, strong global offer fill, and dedicated user support. Featuring customizable campaigns and pay-for-performance pricing, Adscend’s user acquisition solutions help developers acquire quality users in 180+ countries. Founded in 2009, Adscend has paid out over $50 million to publishers (without a missed payment). Join the 30,000+ publishers who use Adscend Media today!